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Maintenance of bookkeeping and tax accounting

Maintenance of bookkeeping and tax accounting


        Maintenance of accounting and tax accounting with the preparation of current and annual financial , tax and statistical reporting ;

        Setting of managerial, operational , bookkeeping and tax accounting , including for the automation using software "1C" ;

        Development of methodology of financial accounting;

        Renewal of accounting, tax accounting using the software "1C" and personnel records having primary documents ;

        Development and implementation of substantiated methods of tax optimization taking into account the particularity of the companys activities and in accordance with current legislation;

        Development and implementation of tax planning ;

        Supporting during tax authorities audit.

We will accept responsibility of your chief accountant.


          The viability of the firm determined by the work of the accounting department. And it is very important that responsible people do this work. In this situation, the responsibility is not determined by the volume of information which employees have, but the ability to rapidly respond to the problem and to find the best way to solve it .

Professional consultants of Audit firm CUPOL " will help you to solve all the problems of your bookkeeping and tax accounting.

We work with companies of any organizational-legal form, form of ownership, with any quantity of employees and the amount of gross receipts.

          It is very important to remember that tax accounting is based on accounting data.

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