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Audit of all types

          The main purpose of the audit is the formation of an independent opinion about the current business situation in the company, the legal distribution of profit and competent justification of expenses.

          We have an extensive experience in conducting mandatory and voluntary audit, including large industrial enterprises with a multidivisional structure. We conduct audit taking into account the interests of users of all levels: owners and managers, and other users of information.

  1. Audit for the owner:

Conducting audit by the initiative of the owner or director conducted to disclosure of deviations in accounting records maintenance from the recognised accounting policies and standard prescribed methodology.

At the request of the owner Auditing firm "Cupol" can perform:

·        audit of financial statements ;

·        audit of separate components of financial statements;

·        audit of the fulfillment of agreement’s conditions;

·        other audit by the special task of the Client.

After finishing we issue the report documents depending on the task:

·        audit report ;

·        recommendations to the management which are related to the audit;

·        company liquidity;

·        financial solvency;

·        confirmation of the financial statements;

·        analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprises.

  1. Audit and review of historical financial information, including financial statements:

·        open and closed joint stock companies during the registration of information about the securities offerings and securities issue;

·        open and closed joint stock companies while submitting the regular information (annual report) ;

·        all forms of ownership enterprises while bankruptcy and liquidation;

·        all forms of ownership while the owner or management changed (including the change of chief accountant) or initiated by the owner;

·        other reviews by the Client’s request .

      3 . Audit of special purpose :

·        audit of financial statements tasks prepared in accordance with international or national accounting standards , as well as using other conceptual frameworks ;

·        audit assignments of the separate components (item) of financial statements :

      fixed assets and other non-current assets;

inventory, including materials , finished goods inventory, in process inventory, goods;

      accounts due from customers, accounts receivable;

      accounts due to customers, accounts payable ;

      payments to the budget and insurance funds ;

      payments to employees , shareholders, including settlement on dividends ;

      income (operating income, as well as investment income and income from financial    operations);

      expenditures, including the formation of production cost , etc.

·        fulfillment of the terms of the contracts and agreements audit;

·        condensed ( summarized) financial statements audit tasks;

Direction of audit and form of the reports by our consultants are determined according to the requirements established by the current legislation of Ukraine, international standards of auditing and individual agreement with Client.

The main purpose of financial statements audit prepared in accordance with the conceptual framework (Accounting Standards, IFRS), is the formation of a competent opinion of our consultants about the completeness, accuracy and accordance, determined conceptual basis of the financial statements.

After work performed we provide our clients :

·        auditor's conclusion - the document about completeness and accuracy of financial statements ;

·        auditor’s report (reference) - the confidential document , which includes appropriate recommendations concerning the review’s questions.

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