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The power of attorney is not necessary any more.

     January 1, 2015 came into force an order from 30.09.2014 № 987 abrogation the existing instructions on the registration issued, returned and used to obtain the values of powers of attorney.

     By the same order the Regulations on the provision of documentary records in the accounting supplemented with the following paragraph: authority to do an economic operation of an entity of a person, in the interests of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur gets fixed assets, inventories, intangible assets, financial instruments, securities and other material assets under the contract, confirmed in accordance with the law. These powers can be confirmed, in particular, by the written agreement, power of attorney, an act of the legal entity, and etc.
     In this case, you can use the power of attorney of arbitrary shape with the norms of Art. 245 - 250 of the Civil Code.

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