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Calculation of pension for women

      For calculating pensions, wages (income) for the entire period of insurance are taking into account, since July 1, 2000. In accordance with pensioner desire and in case of confirmation of certificate of income by primary documents prior to January 1 2022, or if the insurance period starting from 1 July 2000 and is less than 60 months for the calculation of pension is also considered wages (income) for any 60 calendar months of insurance in succession before 1 of July, 2000, regardless of breaks.
     Till January 1, 2022 (now - till 1 January 2015) the right to early retirement in accordance with age have women who have reached the age of 55 years, if they have been insured for at least 30 years and in case of dissmassal. In this case, the size of their pensions, calculated in accordance with Article 27 and subject to Article 28 of this Law shall be reduced by 0.5% for each full or partial month of early retirement.

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